Perhaps the cornerstone of Access Security's undeniable progress was achieved in the marketing of total and integrated security systems representing the combination of over 20 years of research in effective security design for domestic, commercial, industrial and high risk installations.The aspects of security under the heading Total and Integrated Security covers Access Control, CCTV monitoring and surveillance, Intercommunication, Early Warning Evacuation systems, Traffic Control, Electric Fencing, Public Address Systems, Automation and Time Technology and Accummulation, as well as Visitor Control Systems and specialised Software Development.We at Access Security Systems provide a complete and co-ordinated security master plan opposed to a fragmented improvising and unrelated system programme - the effectiveness of which may not stand the test of time.Access Security Systems is a company which combines sophisticated electronic equipment with top rate installation expertise to produce high quality security systems.In line with our dedicated approach to client service, highly qualified technical staff are available to maintain these systems, and we are proud to say that we sustain a strict high professional standard on all our installation. Our management team understands the importance of service in a very competitive industry and are committed to service excellence and ensuring that a continuous quality improved programme is maintained. To provide for equal opportunity advancements through continuous training of team members and in keeping with affirmative action policies, wherever possible it is also the policy of the company to sub-contract where necessary with previously disadvantaged contractors.The management team of Access Security Systems looks forward to serving you in your future electronic security needs.